Careers at RHI

RHI Supply is always interested in adding the right people to our team and is looking for opportunities to help our customers. Let us know if you would like to work with us, even if there is not a job posted.

RHI employee working at sales desk helping HVAC/R customer.

Culture at RHI

RHI Supply employee filling order in warehouse.

Our people are the biggest reason we succeed as a company. We have almost 400 years of combined experience at RHI. This doesn't even include the years spent in other positions within the HVAC/R industry by some of our employees. The average RHI employee has been with the company for almost 11 years!

We value positivity, teamwork, and the ability to think beyond the problem. We strive to be better every day for our people, our vendors, and our customers. We want to create a professional, competitive environment where you can build a solid career.

RHI's Work Environment

  • Collaborative - we work together to solve problems
  • Personal - we care about our employee's well-being
  • Positive - we have a fun, optimistic workspace
  • Creative - our work has us solving a variety of problems, many require a creative approach
  • Excellence - we strive to raise the bar and go beyond customer expectations

How to Apply

Submit a confidential resume to us in three ways:

In Person

Visit a RHI Supply branch to get a job application and drop off your resume.

By Email

Send us your resume by email at

Online Form

Send us your application and resume by filling out this form.

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